I got 99 problems
but a flight ain't one

A flight booking app for super busy and important people.

 How it works

Travel isn’t stressful. You’re just using the wrong app.

Hold seats for 89m

Keep your head cool and make great decisions.

Auto check-ins

Travel preferences saved once, added always.

Fast & easy changes

Make changes. Cancel flights. Get extras.

Answered in 60 secs

A crew at your beck and call, included on every booking.

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If something stands between you and success, move it.

Grab opportunities

1. Grab opportunities

When you need to fly at a moment's notice, or don’t know when you'll return.

Book or change flights up to 1 hour before take-off.

2. Stay focused

Leave travel details and distractions to us

Your preferences on every booking

Auto checked in on every flight

Stay focused Stay focused
Ask for help

3. Ask for help

When you run into disruptions, traffic, or delays, open the app and a travel expert will help in under 60 seconds, 24/7.


We help the best be better

Katie S - Regional Board Manager

“Ahoy saves me countless hours; from booking/managing flights to tracking down travel expenses”

Katie S.
Regional Board Manager

“Fantastic Customer Service, Excellent App. A classical One Stop App for travellers”

Segun S.
Chief Strategy Officer

Segun S - Chief Strategy Officer
Marc S - Co-Founder

“Ahoy is a convenient tool all the time and a lifesaver in the most critical of times”

Christian S.

“I got 99 problems but a flight ain’t one”

Alfred M.
Executive Director

Alfred M - Executive Director

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