About Us

The competitive business environment, pace of growth, and expansion needs have accelerated, demanding faster decisions and execution. As a result, more last minute business trips and changes are being made.

In the old days, business plans could be made far in advance and traditional travel solutions haven’t yet caught up with the speed and flexibility demands of today’s busiest business travellers. Until that happens, Rogue Travellers will continue to book where they can, to get where they need to be. 

We create business travel technology that can better serve these Rogue Travellers – whether executives, assistants, or expansion teams – as they plan, unplan, and replan.

Our Mission

To create the ultimate Travel Software for busy frequent travellers and assistants who book & manage heavy travel schedules under extreme time pressure. So that they are better equipped to conquer the world.

Used by last minuters, opportunists, jugglers, hustlers, wheeler dealers, fixers, traders, and Rogue Travellers. The ones who get things done.

The Founders

The Board

Hotel Booking

Now with the power of AHOY you can book hotel accomodation for execs to stay in whilst on their business trip away.

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