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Our Mission

To create the best flying experience for busy business travellers

Our Vision

All business travel decisions executed instantly on the go

The AHOY experience

 Help when you need it

Used by

Last minuters, opportunists, jugglers, hustlers, wheeler dealers, fixers, traders, and rogue travellers. The ones who get things done.

The Board

Raashi Khanduri · AHOY Board

Raashi Khanduri

Raashi is the Director of Product Development at Worley Parsons. Previously Raashi founded Lytbulb - a cloud collaborative platform for engineering and construction within in the energy sector

She has travelled the world for the past 15 years, as a design engineer and consultant on some of the worlds largest energy projects.

She flies more miles in a week than most people do in a decade.

Kresten Buch · AHOY Board

Kresten Buch

Kresten is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with internet and technology experience spanning 25 years. Track record includes two exits (Statman to Betgenius, 2006 and Danbook to SportingBet LTD, 2012), and taking over and turning into Denmark's largest sports media.

After founding and running 88MPH - an early stage seed fund in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria - Kresten joined one of the portfolio companies as CEO and Chairman.

He prefers to book his own flights, usually as close to departure as possible.