Slack integration for real-time travel management

real-time travel management

Why your company should use a lightweight travel management solution Having staff book on multiple websites or agencies, makes implementation of travel policy very hard. Majority of online booking sites are built for leisure travel. This means bad support in case of ticket changes, cancellations, tax reimbursements on cancelled or missed flights, and emergency situations […]

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5 Little-known airline rules assistants should know

the executive travel app

Assistants to frequently travelling executives, can simply and smoothly manage heavy travel schedules, and stay in control by knowing how airline rules work. […]

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Four ways you can improve your company travel management

Lightweight travel management

1. Lighter Travel Management Travel management, as is, sucks for SMEs and growing businesses. It is either some heavy, monstrous system geared towards huge corporates with special, complicated needs. Or, a semi-responsive travel agency operating 12hrs a day, discussing quotes via email and phone. As a consequence, staff try and book on their own, somewhere else. If […]

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Flight booking? How Ahoy are solving the pain points for frequent flyers!

Okay…so as a frequent flyer we all know that one of the massive pain points when it comes to travel is searching for and booking the right flight. Too much information creates confusion With a reel of information constantly hitting us in the 21st century, it can be really hard to cut through the noise […]

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