12 weird and wonderful airline rules you probably didn’t know!

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Most airline rules and policies seem pretty straightforward and understandable…but there are some golden ones in there that might make you chuckle or just say wwhhhat?!

rules and regulations on airlines

Not hidden from the public, but just amongst the “legal” section on most airlines’ websites there are some fascinating rules…we’d love to know who came up with them!

Mainland Chinese Carries Phone Ban

There is a ban on any cell phone use during the entire flight on mainland Chinese airline carriers, even in flight-safe mode it is a no-no. Oddly, having laptops and iPads on during flight is allowed…so just make sure you load up your tablets with your favourite music and movies before the flight and not be left with nothing.

American Airlines Sensitive Nose

Nestled in American Airlines policy is a bad smell. It states that they have the right to refuse a passenger on a flight or take them off a flight if they have what is deemed an “offensive body odor”.

United Airlines Exclusive Animal Policy

When flying with United you might notice they’re rather exclusive about what animals they will or won’t allow on a flight. Dogs and monkeys are a-okay by their standards, but snakes, ferrets, and spiders are all not. Bearing in mind these animals will only be allowed on if they are service or emotional-support animals. I wonder if someone out there with an emotional support spider feels a bit jipped?

Delta Airlines Hunting Hero

Want to bring your antler rack on your next flight with Delta, no problem! As long as the antlers are free of any residue, you wrap up the skull and tips, and then pay an antler transport fee ($20-$200) – you’re all golden!

Airlines stance on nudity

If you’re flying with Virgin America, then you must be wearing both top and bottom apparel to be accepted onto the flight! Alaska Airlines seconds this rule, but adds that the midriff may be uncovered. And for most airlines, bare feet is a definite no…so make sure you remember both your top and bottoms whenever flying!

The valuables rule

Mostly all airlines state that valuables are not allowed in checked bags. JetBlue take it a step further by explaining that valuable to them include: furs, paintings, jewellery, CDs, dolls, maps and make-up!

…On the flip side there are a mix of things you are allowed in your carry on and checked luggage that we bet you wouldn’t expect:

  • Fishing rods.
  • Human remains, as long as they are cremated and are stored in a wood, cardboard or plastic container.
  • Ice skates.
  • Rollerblades.
  • Parachutes.
  • Cake.
  • Wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers as long as they are less than 7 inches long.

Do you know any unusual or interesting airline policies and rules? Comment below, we’d love to hear!