It’s lights out for United First and Business class passengers.

United Airlines hasn’t always had the best reputation in regards to customer experience and customer comfort. In an effort to change this, they have planned in a series of cabin enhancements and also a deal with IBM and Apple to give flight attendants more knowledge on flight connections and services whilst in flight.

Creating a more comfortable flying experience, and giving passengers more knowledge about the flight and their connections should put United back in the race with its’ ever-increasing competition.

One of the main launches for United’s improvement is the Polaris experience, which is a completely reconfigured cabin with flat laying seating in premium cabins. This is a first for the airline and comes in their new 777 aircraft that has been rolled out from the beginning of this year.

In both the first class and business class, passengers will be able to enjoy the new lay flat seating, so that sleeping will be much easier. The Polaris will also offer some complete cubicles for extra privacy in flight as well as offering aisle access from every seat. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be amenities from Saks Fifth Avenue to enhance the experience even further.

The move might see United back in the running alongside its’ other air mates. We’re definitely excited for a better sleeping experience and complete privacy, which as a frequent flyer is key to feeling refreshed and ready for your meeting when you land.