A step closer to hyper-travelling bliss

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.24.24After receiving great feedback from frequent travellers on the big pain points of city-hopping, we’ve decided to focus on four main services.


  1. Don’t let spontaneity suffer

Ever been in a city, not really needing to be anywhere specific for the next couple days, and wonder whether it wouldn’t be better to delay the whole going home thing, or perhaps you just fancy taking in an extra city on the way home? Well, mostly just the thought of how much google + phone time it’s going to take you to figure that one out (prices, logistics, etc…) is enough to put a stop to any fantasy prematurely.

–> Solution: That’s when you send a WhatsApp to Ahoy, and say something like, “Hey, I’m in Cannes, and know I should be on the 17.00, but wondering what it would cost to change tickets to go home on Sunday instead?” or something. Then you spend the rest of the morning relaxing and working, with the happy knowledge that someone else is figuring out how to make your weekend-in-Cannes fantasy happen.


  1. The best plans of mice and men…

You guessed it. When you spend more time rolling a Rimowa beside you than on your own couch, things will go wrong at some point. When it does, the posture of resignation sets in as we start guessing at who to call, whether this or that insurance is relevant, what responsibility the airlines have, where to send receipts, follow-up with claims dept. and on and on.

–> Solution: We read the small print so you don’t have to, and then we chase down those claims until the cash is on your account.


  1. Show me the mileage!

For all that time we spend in airports; we really want to get some of the fun stuff too. But between the terms & conditions PDFs, and hyper-travellers’ version of the holy grail: lounges, fast-tracks, upgrades, & special treatment, there is a convoluted and unmarked trail. And there is nothing worse than discovering that all those hard-earned miles never made it to your account.

–> Solution: We make sure all your miles get registered, let you know when you’ll get the most out of those points, and navigate any airport like a pro.


  1. Information overload

The interwebs are pretty cool, but sometimes we get the feeling like it doesn’t really know us as well as we all fear. Like when we have to search for hours and wade through irrelevant info about our destinations.

–> Solution: We use a plethora of tools to find info, and use what we know about you and your temperament to provide a limit list of things to do, see, eat, drink, etc..

If you are a frequent traveller who values your time (and sanity),

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