Ahoy Launch Party Highlights

You can see highlights from the launch here.

The best part of releasing something new, is being able to work with amazing people, and being able to solve unique challenges. We’ve been fortunate enough to do both. 

Thanks to all the EA’s who came and gave it a whirl, telling about their challenges and providing product feedback. Nothing but awe for Ann Hiatt, who brought her magical energy and unreal stories of working alongside two of techs biggest powerhouses, Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. A huge thanks to Skevi Constantinou, founder of The PA Way, who was invaluable in helping organise to make the event pop.

And last but not least, to all the EAs who have used Ahoy while its been under construction, and provided feedback underway. Its never easy trying something new, and we believe its about 100x more risky for assistants. Your effectiveness on the job depends on your exec trusting you. So you need to be able to trust any suppliers you use. That’s why the trust you’ve placed in us means the world. 

If you are an EA to a frequent traveller, sign up for AHOY here, and never wait on hold with an airline again.
Happy heavy travel scheduling.