Ahoy there Web Ahoy…fast flight booking from your web browser!

So by now, you have an idea about the inception of Ahoy and why we wanted to make flight booking simple, easy and transparent for all frequent flyers and business owners managing their teams. We always wanted to make it super quick and tech first with our apps…but then from seeing different needs emerge – we thought it would be good to get something back on your web browsers 😉

For those who don’t like using apps, need to use Ahoy for a short period of time – or only have access to a computer at the time…Web Ahoy is here to look after all your flight booking needs!

Although we do still suggest downloading the apps for full optimisation of our services…we are making Web Ahoy as good and simple to use as possible. We’ve added some great features recently, our favourites are.


Chat Sidebar



Search all flights directly from the Web w/ filters




Download CSV file of all invoices



If you want to see how Ahoy can make booking a flight hassle-free, start your search on Web Ahoy now!