Battle of the baggage: Rimowa vs. G-RO

G-RO carry on luggage compared with Rimowa Carry on Luggage

Review time! In one corner is new kid on the block, the G-RO, and in the other corner is a carry-on classic, the Rimowa.

G-RO carry on luggage compared with Rimowa Carry on Luggage


G-RO – hailed as the companion bag that has patented “all-terrain” wheels. The G-RO is cornering a new section of the market by being a hybrid bag, designed for on-the go people to be large enough for a week-long trip, yet still compact and maneuverable for your daily commute. It also boasts a wheel innovation that allows the bag to glide across surfaces, to feel lighter and last longer than normal luggage wheels. Of course, the technology side of this sleek bag can’t be ignored, with a built in tablet stand, charging station and two USB ports.

Rimowa – one of the industry’s leading cabin baggage, renowned for its signature lightweight and durable style that takes into account both function and form. Pioneering in the use of polycarbonate and aluminium, noticeable groove design and lightweight structure. As one of the most loved cabin bags by frequent travelers, this is going to be a tough one to knock of the top spot.


G-RO – boasts multiple compartments, perfect for those among you who love small compartments perfectly suited for all of your things. There is a detachable flat packing divider within the main compartment for items you want to keep fresh for your morning meeting. On top of this there is also a handy removable garment bag for your dress clothes, ideal for hanging up the clothes you want to keep wrinkle-free. There is also a padded front pocket with a laptop space, and in the handle area smaller pockets to keep your passport and essential items safe and close to you.


G-RO carry on luggage inner compartments on Ahoy Travel Blog

Rimowa – keeps things elegant and understated with two simple compartments that open in a clamshell manner. Allowing packing to be done on either side of the case and held comfortably by a mesh and zip layer. This compact design is great for those who prefer less fuss and compartments, so that they can grab their things easily.

inside rimowa cabin baggage on Ahoy Travel

Here it is hard to pinpoint a clear winner, as this is really down to preference. If you like to have a place for each one of your items, then the G-RO is for you, if you like to keep it simple and sleek then the Rimowa will be your winner.



On this point, the G-RO wins hands down! Really it would be easier to say what technology does this luggage not have? Firstly, the most obvious, charging station and USB ports to allow you to charge and work anywhere at anytime is a massive plus, and from a geeky standpoint just super cool. However, it also has a tracker functionality, that allows your to track the location and proximity of your bag.

We have to say the exciting add-on gadgets make the G-RO nudge into the front a bit in our battle…plus not fighting over connection points in the airport is a massive plus in our eyes!

G-RO luggage bag technology charging points


G-RO – one of the main selling points of this bag is the fact that the wheels are deemed “all-terrain”. The wheels are large and axel-less allowing for a lightweight and durable ride! Whilst the wheels are nice and definitely add to the overall aesthetic of the bag, they aren’t the best if you like all-ways movement.

Rimowa – The wheels are perfect for nipping around the airport. With multi-way four wheels you can just push the bag anyway without any effort or exertion on your part, making stressful terminal commutes a lot more breezy.

We have to say this is close, but that the Rimowa just wins due to the fact it can roll and you don’t have to pull it behind you.

G-RO wheel comparison with Rimowa wheels


There were doubts that the G-RO would be able to fit all of the clothes we packed into the Rimowa, so we put that to the test immediately. We know the Rimowa has a very generous amount of space, making it perfect for the frequent flyer to have enough clothes but still be compact when travelling.

Rimowa carry on luggage space

It really didn’t look like the G-RO was going to be able to handle everything that the Rimowa could when it came to space, with only one compartment…

G-RO carry on luggage space vs Rimowa carry on luggage space

However, the G-RO did manage to fit in everything from the Rimowa – but was definitely a lot fuller and more bulging.

Whilst being just as good as the Rimowa on space, the fact that it bulged a lot when the same amount of clothes were packed in caused concern for getting into the cabin overhead lockers. We have not been able to test out the ease of getting the G-RO into an overhead locker yet, but we will update you when we do!

This one point made us feel perhaps the Rimowa might be better in terms of streamlined space for packing maximum amount of clothes without causing excessive bulging for fitting it into the plane.


The G-RO costs €430, but if you want to have the power supply and tracking this will cost you an extra €168.

The Rimowa starts at a minimum of €570 and increases dependent on what size and style you would like.

Therefore on price point they are pretty similar, however you are getting a lot more “extras” with the G-RO included in this price.


Both are stellar cabin bags, with different features in which they excel in. We only know that one of our staff had a clear winner…

puppy in luggage

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