Budget Airline WOW Air taking low-cost long-haul travel by storm!

Wow air success story on Ahoy

The strong growth of low cost airline WOW air has been impressive since it first came on the scene in 2011. Promising to bring the cheapest flights from Iceland across the Atlantic.

Wow air inside cabin

In 2017, they’re expanding the routes they provide to bring even more options to fly between Europe and North America cheaply!

  • As of 26 March 2017, WOW Air will up their current 4 and 5 weekly operations between Los Angeles and San Francisco from Iceland to a daily service to compete with the summer services.
  • In the Summer of 2017, you’ll get a lot more options for flying cheaply to Canada as well. As they up the current 4 times weekly service to a daily service on Rykjavik Keflavik – Montreal and on Reykjavik Keflavik – Toronto.
  • From 19 May 2017, you’ll be able to fly non stop between Iceland and Cork in their new Ireland route that will fly 3 times weekly.
  • From 26 March 2017, there will be another daily flight between Iceland and Amsterdam and Paris CDG.
  • As of April 5 2017, they’re launching another North American destination, to add to their ever growing repertoire. With a new route between Iceland and Miami from fares as cheap as $99 one-way. This will join their other services between Iceland and Boston, Baltimore, Montreal, Toronto, LA, San Francsico and Newark.


 So…what is the secret to WOW Air’s success?
Founder and CEO Skúli Mogensen attributes the stellar growth of WOW Air to firstly their dedication to honesty and timing.
With an ethos based on providing passengers with the choice to only pay for what they use; they’re putting the control in the passengers hands. This transparency allows some travellers to fly at complete budget and others to spend on things they only actually want and use. The honesty empowers savvy modern day consumers to know exactly what they want out of their travel; whether they would prefer to load up their own laptop with movie choices, or bring their own food on board.

In pairing with this ethos, the timing was another thing on WOW air’s side. Mogensen expresses that being a new air carrier, they could build themselves up from the ground cheaply and with a focus on efficiency and not having sprawling businesses to dictate what you do makes it simpler. Similarly, starting at a time when consumers are very Internet savvy, and comfortable with making payment choices online and handling their own in-flight entertainment, all attributes to the low-cost airlines’ success. Read more here on Mogensens’ thoughts.

But…what about frequent flyers?

Mogensen has expressed that WOW air attracts a lot of business travel from small to medium sized companies looking to still keep travel costs low and using an unmanaged travel model.

Want to know what the experience is like from the perspective of a roadwarrior -> read what James Dozer had to write here.

Do you think you’ll make use of any of WOW airs new routes?