How to use filters to find the right flight

“If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.”   So, you get a work assignment, and it includes travel. Yay! So you start mentally planning the trip, and imagining all that you’re going to achieve. You’re super excited and can’t wait to […]

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Ahoy Launch Party Highlights

You can see highlights from the launch here. The best part of releasing something new, is being able to work with amazing people, and being able to solve unique challenges. We’ve been fortunate enough to do both.  Thanks to all the EA’s who came and gave it a whirl, telling about their challenges and providing […]

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Slack integration to use AHOY for team travel

When to use AHOY + Slack for team travel When company travellers book on different websites or agencies, its hard to keep an overview of where people are and what is being spent on travel. Simpler expense handling. If you give accounts or finance access to the AHOY + Slack channel, they see all invoices […]

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Let your boss know what flight you want and why with Ahoy

With our new forward payment feature, you can now add a note to let your boss/organiser/friend know why you’ve selected this flight for your trip! Want to leave later in the day? Arrive a couple of days before to explore before your meetings? Let them know with Ahoy’s add a note ?? Download the app […]

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Miles Added To Every Booking – Fly With Ahoy

With an increasing amount of tickets being sold as saver and promo fares, there is no longer any guarantee that your 18 hr flight will earn you any miles. Besides somewhat onerous terms, like non changeable or nonrefundable, the dismay at discovering (after the flight) that your long haul gave you no miles, can be […]

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3 ways to make booking travel for your work team less stressful

team travel booking on Ahoy

So, being an executive assistant and having to book travel for your CEO/team is lets face it, a bit of a nightmare at the best of times! With the organisation and planning required to make sure everything goes smoothly…it isn’t the easiest of tasks – but we have some top tips to make it easier […]

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Frequent flyers get REAL-TIME flight search results with Ahoy

real time flight search results with travel app ahoy

Ahoy launches REAL-TIME flight inventory search engine (beta) When you search for flights on aggregators and search engines, the result you are seeing are cached availability and pricing from flight inventory databases.  Doing it like this substantially reduces the time it takes to fetch and show you flight results. Also, search requests against flight ticket […]

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Where is the “just right” in corporate managed travel vs unmanaged?

Manage travel

We all know the quest of Goldilocks searching for the porridge that is “just right”.  As your small business starts to grow, you could find yourself on a similar quest to find a way to organise your company’s travel that is “just right”. So…you’ve experienced positive growth (Congrats!), and now all your employees need to jet off and […]

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