Top tips on how to find cheap flights for business travel

finding cheap business travel

When travelling for business, it is important you find the best deals you can to keep your travel costs down; especially when you’re in a small team.

To allow your team flexibility on their travel arrangements, and to be a cost effective employee in return there are some tips on how to find cheap flights and keep your travel costs down.

  • Be flexible with timings – so when you’re travelling for business it obviously isn’t the easiest thing to be flexible. Normally you need to be in one place on a certain day for a meeting, then somewhere the next for another meeting. However, where you can, be flexible with your dates and times of day that you fly. Rather than flying at peak business times or on holidays/weekends, try flying at odd times, even going the day before to make a meeting the next day and choosing a less favoured time will save a lot of money in the long run. Also, if you fly early in the morning, not only will it be cheaper – but you’ll have less chance of being delayed!
  • Consider alternative airports – If you can’t find something within your budget, consider looking at different airports close to you. Certain routes can be cheaper out of smaller airports and considering driving to other airports will give you more flexibility on prices and times.
  • Direct isn’t always best – When it comes to saving money, adding a stop-over or lay-over can open up the possibilities for cheap flights. Whilst, you might save some money you also have to weigh up the options of how much time it will add to your journey and the enhanced chances of being delayed…so it would be better to consider complex travel only when you’re saving a good portion of money.
  • Shop around for deals¬†– Make sure that you’ve signed up to newsletters of your preferred air carriers and follow them on social media. Staying on top of the latest deals will help when planning in business trips and taking advantages of any cheaper flights on offer. Also don’t forget your frequent flyer programmes code-share and airline alliances means that your might get cheaper flights with a different carrier your preferred one is aligned with.
  • Credit Cards – Make sure your company/team are signed up to credit cards that are allied with airline carriers to provide rewards. This is a great way to save money/accrue rewards as credit cards will regularly offer great deals and big bonuses for staying loyal to them. You can then use your miles for business trips in time.
  • Use a travel management app¬†– When it comes to constant complex business travel, it can be an idea to invest in a solution that help you to manage all of your travel and keep it at a low cost. It can be very time consuming to stay on top of low fares, whilst also getting the dates and times you want especially when you’re travelling a lot – so finding a travel management solution could be your best option. Ahoy can take care of all your business travel, from simple flight search and booking, to invoice management and team auto-accept payments. With 24/7 travel agent support, you will always get the best price for the requirements you have as well as hassle-free changes and cancellations. The perfect solution for a small business that needs a cost effect and flexible travel booking option.