Co-working for Frequent Flyers: Where are the top spaces across the globe?

mindspace tel aviv coworking

Constantly being on the move can create a sense of chaos in your working life. As a frequent flyer, it can be important to add a grounding routine, if possible, when you’re flying to new cities every few days for meetings.

A great way of doing this can be to find a co-working space in the cities you’re visiting regularly. Providing a homely pace to each city and take away some of the stress of being a roadwarrior.

We’ve rounded up some of the top co-working spaces (in no particular order) to help you narrow down your search for the perfect space!

1. Spaces, Amsterdam

Spaces coworking amsterdam

Spaces offers pretty much everything you could want from a co-working spaces, with massages, brainstorm creativity boxes, bike rental and dry cleaning services. This is the perfect place to unwind as a roadwarrior, the creative interior will spark your brain out of its plane fog and with so many services you can be a one-person powerhouse from Spaces.

2. Agora Collective, Berlin


Agora Collective coworking berlinIf you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxed when it comes to a co-working space, then Agora Collective is perfect. Sprawled over five different floors in a Neuk√∂lln warehouse – this space is very much focussed on community and bringing together creatives, entrepreneurs and digital nomads to spark new ideas, events and more. You’ll find workshops, cafes, a beautiful garden setting, event space and membership is pretty cheap, or you can grab a day pass for 16 euro if you’re flying out again the next day.

3. Rainmaking Loft, Copenhagen

rainmaking loft copenhagen co working

Rainmaking Loft is an inspiring co-working space that is really focussed on fostering entrepreneurs and those with ideas to reach their full potential. With an emphasis on mentorship, great events and workshops for young people, this space is really about making connections that will last for life. The relaxing ambiance will help you recharge, and with yoga, relaxing chill out spots and great bath tubs – it’s the perfect energiser after a long haul flight.

4. Coollabore, Brazil

coollabore brazil coworking

Coollabore is a visionary co-working space that is focussing on the workplace transformation movement. Investing in its space the ethos that in the future companies will be about collaborators, flexibility, agility and big companies will be replaced with a flat outlook. This makes coollabore the seat of creativity, futurism and really pushing businesses to break the traditional boundaries. Perfect for if you need a bit of an inspirational pick me up when on the road.

5. Talent Garden, Barcelona

talent garden Barcelona coworking

Warmth and light is what hits you when you first enter Talent Garden in Barcelona. A small, friendly space that allows for easy conversation with fellow business types; great for those looking for something not too overwhelming. The immense amount of daylight let in by the huge windows makes it perfect for frequent flyers who are in need of topping up their Vit D levels whilst on the road!

6. Garage, Nairobi and Cape Town

cape town coworking

Flexibility is king at Garage co-working spaces in Nairobi and Cape Town; there for you when you need it. Whether you want a quick visit for a meeting, need inspiration and collaboration or want to learn from industry veterans, then Garage is the ideal space across Africa. A great option for roadwarriors constantly flying in and out of Africa to set up a base that is bright and creative.

7. Mindspace, Tel-Aviv

mindspace tel aviv coworking

Mindspace is a pioneer in dynamic co-working spaces and the one in Tel-Aviv is no exception. The sprawling space offers multiple different meeting rooms, event spaces, open spaces and inspires hard work and creativity throughout its’ design. ¬†Offering flexibility for travellers in their memberships, it is perfect for frequent flyers who are in and out of Tel-Aviv often to find a safe haven to work in.


Finding a base in the countries you’re frequently flying in and out of can create a sense of balance amongst the chaos of being a roadwarrior. What are your favourite co-working spaces as a business traveller?

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