Payment declined when booking a flight? What you need to know!

credit card fraud


As a frequent traveller, you might be used to your payment being declined more often than you would like!

Credit cards chained up with padlock

This can throw off your whole schedule especially when you need to make complicated multi-way travel in a short amount of time.

So, why is your payment being declined more often than others?

It is down some of the common characteristics of frequent flyers being deemed high risk bookings. There are certain flags that show up to airlines to prompt them to do extra screenings on transactions that could potentially be fraudulent. Some of these include:

  • Third Party Purchases
  • First or Business Class Tickets
  • E-tickets or tickets not delivered to the cardholder’s billing address
  • Date of travel is less than six days after ticket purchase
  • If the address on the card does not match the billing address


I’m sure it can be agreed by all frequent flyers, that you are likely to hit at least one or more of these parameters. Of course, mainly others will book your flights, on their own company card, and most likely the date of travel will in some cases can even be less than 72 hours before you depart.


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