An eco-friendly runway? Heathrow says it’s possible!

Heathrow is planning to make a new runway that will completely carbon neutral.

In an effort to making the airport more environmentally friendly, Heathrow’s boss John Holland-Kay, has put together the Heathrow 2.0 strategy which aims to minimise aircraft noise and pollution and implement a third runway that doesn’t have massive environmental impacts. They’ve committed £500,000 to a research centre that will help to craft a sustainability plan for the airport.

Expressing that it is now time for business leaders to take a step forward in the climate change debate, and do their part in aid of making the world a better place that we can still travel.

So…in the future you could be riding sky high from one of the first carbon neutral runways – and travel easier knowing that Heathrow has committed to making every effort to minimise it’s carbon footprint on the world.


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