Fitness and Frequent Flying? How to stay healthy as a roadwarrior!

staying fit as a frequent flyer

As a frequent flyer you’ll know staying fit and healthy whilst travelling isn’t the easy.

Constant timezone changes, delays, meeting after meeting…after meeting and then probably some dinner meetings. Everything is working against staying healthy when you’re a roadwarrior.

staying fit as a frequent flyer

However, studies indicate that frequent flyers who exercise while they travel can improve reaction and alertness by 61% – just what you need for that next meeting right?!

Here are some quick tips to stay healthy and fit as a perpetual flyer.

  • Planning – if you’re a frequent flyer, then you’re pretty used to the destinations you visit a lot, so planning ahead where and when to work out shouldn’t take too much time. Preparing the best time and place to exercise, whether it is in your room, in the hotel gym or outside will make it much more likely that it will happen. Adding it into your calendar and treating it as serious as a meeting will help you to commit to doing some exercise every day.
  • Anything is better than nothing – life can always get in the way, whether it is another meeting or a delay knocking off your schedule. If this is the case and you can’t fit in any workouts you had prepared, then squeezing in a quick ten minutes of any type of exercise is better than nothing. You will thank yourself in the long run.
  • Pack snacks – Treat having snacks the same as having your laptop or mobile phone when travelling for business. Packing on the go food such as fruit, homemade granola bars and vegetables will help satisfy any hunger cravings that might strike at odd times due to constantly changing timezones. Having healthy options to reach for when you’re delayed, stuck in a certain city or haven’t had a chance to eat something proper will help save you from eating empty calories. Also constantly snacking when you’re travelling can enable you to make better choices when it comes to lunch or dinner meetings as you won’t be starving.
  • Seek Sunlight – When travelling for business there is a common sceneario of going from the airport to the hotel, hotel to meetings, meetings to restaurants and back to the hotel before flying again. Normally, you’ll grab cars to get you around quickly – but in all this time you’re missing out on vital sunshine. Try and get 15 minutes of sunshine each day when travelling – even a quick walk before you go back to your hotel room will be enough to top up your Vit D levels!
  • Don’t forget your mind – mediation is great for keeping your mind calm when constantly being exposed to so many different inputs from constant travel. 8 minutes is all it takes to clear your mind and thoughts in the morning and focus on breathing. Download an app to help implement meditation in your schedule and you’ll reap the benefits of a focussed mind when working.


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