Flight booking problems? AHOY are solving them!

As frequent flyers, we all know that one of the massive pain points when it comes to travel is searching for and booking the right flight.

Too much information creates confusion

With a reel of information constantly hitting us in the 21st century, it can be really hard to cut through the noise and find what you actually want. Airlines keep adding in new fare classes, new metasearch engines keep popping up, pricing and airline rules keep changing.

A survey from Ascend indicated that customers really value contextual information when it comes to flight booking. What we really want to know is all of the information behind that flight. We want to know what can we actually do with it and how much are we really getting.

Flight Booking is more and more DIY

It can be super confusing if things aren’t transparent when it comes to booking a flight. Even if you’re an expert and book flights all the time, figuring out the best offering and exactly what you’re getting isn’t easy.

Getting the best offer is becoming more and more of a DIY process. It’s time-consuming to get the right ticket, understand what it includes – especially¬† complex multi-leg travel.

Transparency is key for fuss-free flight booking

As a frequent business flyer, the last thing you have time to deal with is computing all this information quickly to book complicated flights at the last minute with changes or cancellations on top. That’s one of the main reasons we started Ahoy! To take away the pain and hassle of booking a flight. We wanted to make flight booking transparent and cut through the crap – so you can know exactly what you’re getting!

Through transparent ticket terms, you can see exactly what that fare includes.

With 24/7 support, you can query any additional extras you’d like – but for the best price.

Our agents have years of training in making the best decision for getting the flight ticket you need for the right costs and they’ll always help you change or cancel.

Take the pain out of booking, travel with Ahoy. Download now to see what it is all about!