Dummy Returns – When should you book them?

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Myth: Booking a dummy return and cancelling one leg will be cheaper than booking oneway.

Fact: Generally airline fares are not priced the same per leg. Airlines will reprice the ticket to the historical price of the oneway, before refunding the difference (if there is any).


A little bit more information on this…

A savvy frequent flyer might book dummy returns on fully flex tickets, and cancel whichever leg they won’t use in an attempt to get a cheaper fare than what the oneway ticket on is on its own.

But…this isn’t actually the case, when you cancel a return leg, most airlines will view this as a oneway – so you will in reality be refunded less money than what half of the return ticket is.

Most airlines calculate refunds this way as to not lose out on any cash, and to stop savvy flyers taking advantage, booking dummy returns and cancelling continuously.

When is a dummy return useful?

The times when you should book a dummy return, are when the total cost of a return ticket ends up being cheaper than the oneway price…then this would be worth it!

Or if…
1. A ticket has a return price that is only a bit more than the oneway, and
2. you fly frequently between two destinations, you’re just not sure when next. Then
3. book the dummy flight as far in the future as possible. This way you have time to make up your mind when you’d like to use the return. Most ticket terms demand that you change the return no later than the date of departure.. and if there are change fees, you don’t want to do that more than once.



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