3 Frequent Flyer Tips For The Best And Cheapest Flights!


Ah, the troubles of the frequent flyer…

Sometimes it can be a bit of a minefield trying to navigate getting the cheapest and best flight as a regular traveller. You’re bouncing around the globe a lot, you want to reap the benefits, save money and get good perks.

The Two-Way Trick

It’s smart to search for 2 one-ways, even if you are looking for a roundtrip flight. Sometimes the better/shorter/cheaper flight is 2 one-ways instead of 1 roundtrip. Same goes for one-way flights, sometimes the better option is with a dummy return a couple months down the line.

The Cities CoupĀ 

Frequent flyers search for cities instead of specific airports. You will often be surprised by prices and routes at a different city airport than the one you are used to flying out of.

The Art of the Alliance

For long distance flights, use the alliance filter to see the airlines where you have status, or are close. Especially nice if you can use the lounge during a stopover, or earn some meaningful frequent flyer points.

Our insider tricks work well with our spanking new flight search within the Ahoy app – see how to use it here. By filtering your options by alliances, by different cities and craftily comparing one way vs two ways – you’ll find the ideal flight for you the next time you fly! Download the app here and give it a whirl.