Frequent Flyer Programme: It’s More Than Points!

status runs

The Frequent Flyer Programme of today, really, put point out the window. Where the real impact lies, is with status.

The golden word: S T A T U S – you need to cultivate and look after your status, like it is the last born child of the world, this is the thing that is going to get you where you want to be as a frequent flyer…perks, comfort and special treatment.

What’s the hierarchy in your frequent flyer programme?

When it comes to a status bonus vs just frequent flyer credits – you can end up earning twice as much on this type of a bonus.

There is a debate when it comes to status and points, which is better, which you should focus on accruing – but really status will give you a lot more perks, generally because it is harder earned.

Points can be cleverly earned through hack methods with credit card spending and using money in the right way, whilst status is generally only able to be earned as you actually fly – and getting enough credits every 12 months to put you at a certain position.

The Strategy of the frequent flyer programme

To be able to play the status game, you’ll need to think about strategically flying. To build up the necessary credits to keep your level or reach the next level will include going on some trips that weren’t planned into your business runs.

The best way to do this without it impacting your life too much (think flying every weekend just to chase your status) is to try and work it into business trips as much as you can. Think extending trips to weekends away, breaking up trips and fly via several cities to get more credits for the overall flight than a direct route.

Also, make sure to take advantage of the best deals you see when you see them, if there is ever a “double status credit” promotion – do not hesitate, book a flight and earn double what you would normally!

It is all about maximisation

What is important when maintaining status is that it is serving you, not the other way around. It is about keeping on top of your status, but not the the detriment of your life – there is no need to meaninglessly fly around, waiting in airports for any more time than you normally need to.

It is about understanding deals, knowing how many credits you need to make it to the next stage and booking your pleasure trips cleverly so that they serve your status. Sometimes platinum is definitely worth the extra legwork that goes into understanding all of this!

So, what do you feel? Are you more interested in keeping your status then purely accruing frequent flyer points through spending money?

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