Frequent Flyer? Top things you need!

things all frequent flyers need on Ahoy Travel

Being perpetually on the move can create a chaotic and sometimes uncomfortable lifestyle.  If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll know that your paramount concerns when travelling are to be organised, speedy and comfortable. So, why wait for loved ones to buy you gifts you need to aide in making your travel seamless? Let’s take the control back from those cliché gift lists for the “frequent flyer” in your life, this is the list of things you need just to make your journey easier – simple as that! Go out and buy it for yourself; get amped for organised and comfortable flights from here on out.

things all frequent flyers need on Ahoy Travel

IKEA travel slippers

IKEA may seem like an odd choice for slipper purchasing, but they are the perhaps the most practical option for flying slippers. Whilst one slightly better than freebie hotel slippers, they have a hard sole and are completely foldable so take up very little space. As a frequent flyer, one of the first thing that makes you immediately more comfortable is taking off your shoes, but the thought of socked feet hitting the bathroom floor does not inspire comfort. The NJUTA slippers are only £3 and therefore ideal for stockpiling and grabbing a pair to take on your journey, keeping your feet comfy and safe from whatever might be on an airplane bathroom floor.

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Cocoon GRID-IT! Ultimate Organizer

Tired of having tangled cables and all your small gadgets roaming around in your carry on? Then it is time to check out the GRID-IT! from Cocoon, the perfect way to tame all of your wires. The unique grid system organiser will keep everything you need access to safe with its stretchy fabric that holds it all together. Definitely a must when trying to minimise the stress and hassle of travelling, check out the different options here.

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Charger Packs

There is nothing more useful than having back up charger packs that will keep all of your gadgets juiced up. Everyone hates dealing with the potential that their phone will cut out right in the middle of an important call, so just avoid all opportunities for this to happen! Invest in a couple of spare charger packs that will keep you going if you won’t be near an outlet anytime soon.

Noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes a cliché is actually a thing that works. Investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones really can make a big difference when you’re travelling a lot. Getting rid of the background noise will relax you, give you the best conditions to either power on with work or take the time to get proper sleep. Of all the ones on the market, Bose is the industry leader, but you will find a range of cheaper alternatives on Amazon.

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If you’re a constant traveller, sometimes the only downtime you get is when you’re actually in the air and uncontactable. It can be a nice time to decompress from the chaos and write things down, whether it just be keeping a note of your flights, where you’re going, what you ate from where you’ve been etc. It can also be a nice way to keep on top of how much travel you do, what places had an effect on you and where you might want to explore more!

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Solid Toiletries

Any seasoned flyer will feel the struggle of security, all the different rules and regulations! Skip one of the steps by getting solid toiletries, and you might not have to worry about liquids. With options of soaps, solid moisturiser bars, solid perfumes and solid shampoo bars, you could have your whole toiletry kit without having to worry about the amount of liquid! Definitely a win when you’re looking for a hack to get through security faster!

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If you’re looking to travel faster, smarter and with less stress; then it is time to look at Ahoy as your personal travel app to help you book and manage all your frequent travel.