Frequent Flyers favourite aircraft? The Boeing 747 of course!

boeing 747 on Ahoy

It is unanimous…the Boeing 747 has to be every frequent flyers most loved aircraft.

boeing 747 open nose

But – why? What makes the 747 the ruler of the roadwarrior skies?

Supreme Seating

It is unique in that you can sit in the nose of the aircraft with nothing in front of you. Prior to the 1960s, there were no rules on having emergency exits at the front and rear of each cabin section – so you can literally sit in a private area and if you’re in the front row almost see exactly what the pilots can, due to the curvature of the plane. This is pretty cool and normally this cabin is reserved for first class passengers…making it a super luxe and relaxing experience for frequent flyers.

It was a gamechanger

The 747 literally changed the airline industry, by making it possible to fly over long distances with a large quantity of people. It opened the world to the masses and the gateway to travelling and exploring far flung destinations which had never been an option up until that point. Whilst there have been a lot of upgrades the characteristic look of the 747 stays and so flying on one is a reminder of how far we’ve come in terms of air travel.


It is a graceful beauty in the skies, but don’t let this fool you on how large it actually is. Featuring two aisles, four engines, and an upper deck lends it to being  bigger and seemingly more spacious. For frequent flyers up in the front of the plane and in the upper deck, there is less through traffic and the ambience is a lot calmer. Also it can run on just two engines, meaning that there is more capacity for engine failure. In a similar vein, turbulence feels less intense on a 747 due to the size managing the streams better.

Pilots’ comfort

Pilots prefer the 747 due to small luxuries it affords again due to the size of the aircraft. They never have to leave the cockpit area, with everything being contained, so they can move freely from bathroom to bunk all in their PJs without having to disturb passengers. There are also hot foot heaters to keep pilots feet warm during long flights. All of these little extras work towards making happy pilots – which of course is important to most frequent flyers who understand the discomfort of continuous long haul travel.


The Boeing 747 has earned a bit of a cult status due to its’ stately appearance and luxurious intimate flying experience for frequent flyers who get to sit in the nose or upper deck. The comfortable and antiquated plane makes for a more interesting and calming ride, which when you’re a roadwarrior is key to having a pleasant journey!