Frequent Flyers meet the iOS app that makes flight booking a breeze.

At Ahoy, we started with one mission – to give flyers a seamless experience from end to end when it comes to booking their own travel.

Since being avid frequent flyers ourselves, we noticed that when flying around doing complicated multi-way travel…it really wasn’t all that easy to try and juggle booking flights, trying to make last minute changes and keep all of our confirmations and invoices in one place!

So…to combat this we crafted the Ahoy app, which from its inception to its current state has involved a lot of evolution and updates to include everything you business flyers, team leaders, event organisers needed (and we have the pictures to prove it!)

Having added so many new features and updates to make flight booking stress-free and simple, we thought we’d pick out our favourite features to show you exactly how they work and why it will make your life as a roadwarrior that much easier to navigate!


Miles on every booking




Travel Preferences 



Forward payment




If you want to see how Ahoy can make booking a flight hassle-free, download here and give it a whirl!