Fresh Faced Frequent Flying? How to feel good post flight.

As a frequent flyer, you probably know all of the tricks to make your travel as seamless as possible. However, when it comes to looking fresh faced at the end of a long flight before heading to your meeting…it can be difficult. Here are some of our suggestions to feeling fresh faced when hopping from plane to office.


Probably the most important thing to do as a frequent flyer is to get sleep. A lot of the travelling will be over-night or long flights with stop-overs, so it is key to try and perfect sleeping whilst on the go. As the conditions are not optimal on planes, most find it quite difficult to sleep on planes, so spending time figuring out what will work for you is worthwhile. To aid in getting the most restful sleep whilst sky high, try investing in a high-quality eye mask and noise cancelling in-ear headphones. Spending the money here to get the best on the market will pay off when trying to block out all off the distractions and getting a good sleep. Similarly, asking for a camomile tea and using an essential oil spray on the back of your wrists will create a more calming and sleepy atmosphere.

In-Flight Rituals

Create your own in-flight routine filled with essential products to keep your skin clear and eyes bright. Once the plane has completed its ascent, start your routine with organic cleansing wipes to get rid of any grime, or make up on your skin, then put on a thick moisturiser to keep skin hydrated throughout the flight. This doesn’t need to be overly fussy, but again a few simple yet quality products here will keep you looking fresh when you step off the plane at the end of your trip. One of the worst culprits for looking a bit weary after a long journey is dehydration, with a mixture of plane air and not drinking enough water – you need to primarily think about putting some water back into your skin for that fresh glow! So, before heading to sleep, cleanse, moisturise and drink some water for the best results.


Flying can be taxing just because of all the different sensory inputs firing at you. If you haven’t practiced mindfulness or meditation before, as a frequent flyer it could be time to try it out. It doesn’t have to be intense or extreme, but small bouts of 8-minute mindfulness can help clear your brain, clear the noise around you and get your focus on yourself and breathing. This is perfect for feeling refreshed and clear headed to tackle your meeting at the end of the flight. There are plenty of apps out there to help you get into the swing of how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into a busy and hectic schedule.


Once you arrive at your destination, you are probably pretty tight on time to get from the airport to your meeting. Therefore, it is a good idea to pack essential products to give you that bright eyed and bushy tailed look.

For guys, carry some stick deodorant, a thick moisturiser, hair pomade, comb and mints to do a quick turnaround as the plane is getting onto the stand.

For women, invest in a high-quality travel size dry shampoo, perfect for giving your hairstyle some body and removing the limp plane look. A good moisturiser, eyelash curlers, concealer and most importantly a bright lipstick in pink or red will instantly give a fresh and determined look.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Whilst you hope everything goes smoothly when you fly, inevitably there can be things which go wrong. You may be delayed, your car might not turn up, your baggage may not arrive. In these instances, it is all about having planned and prepped well in advance of your flight. Always carrying what you need in your cabin baggage, making sure you have all of your products so you don’t need any unnecessary stops to the shops. Similarly, packing double of things such as underwear, toothbrush can pay off in the long run as when travelling a lot things can easily be misplaced.