KLM and Schiphol amping up the technology for speedy boarding!

Airport-Security on Ahoy

Some new tech is hitting Schiphol airport and KLM airlines – which will hopefully speed up getting through security and boarding!

In efforts to improve security and speed up boarding, KLM has started to test biometric face-scanning technology at Schiphol airport. These scanners will confirm your identity and do away with the need to show your boarding pass or passport as your board and hence getting you to your seat in a swifter fashion.

The two have also teamed up on another trial aiming to streamline airport operations. They’ve installed new 3D scanning devices for hand baggage that will allow passengers to leave all liquids in their bags, as the scanners will proved highly detailed 360-degree images of what is in the bags. This again will aid in getting you through security faster without the faff of taking everything out of your bag and put it back in!

All this sounds great – especially when you’re in a rush as a frequent flyer and don’t have time for any delays.

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