Four ways you can improve your company travel management

1. Lighter touch Travel Management

Travel management, as is, sucks for Execs and top performers who spend a substantial amount of time on travel. It is either some heavy, monstrous system which needs to comply with huge corporates special needs. Or, a semi-responsive travel agency operating 12hrs a day, discussing quotes via email and phone.

As a consequence, frequent business travellers try and book on their own, somewhere else. If you are concerned with real-time travel spend overview, or need to where your people are in the world, this work around doesn’t cut it either.

AHOY has online tools and apps with quick sign up, simple to book, catering to the needs of business travellers and a vetted backup solution for their companies.

Lighter touch means overview, without the overkill – with a great experience for travellers, so they aren’t desperately trying to book travel elsewhere.

2. Flyer centric

When we started AHOY, our focus was on making travellers lives simpler, and their travels more enjoyable.

That’s why we created uncluttered user interfaces, real-time availability, a couple clicks to book flights, simple to pay, auto check-ins, boarding passes, flight alerts, and 24/7 live chat support along the entire journey. So frontline employees, managers, and execs can quickly, and conveniently, travel for work.

3. Connected

For travel overview to be smooth and part of how businesses run, it needs to be connected to the tools used to run your business. We have started to make that happen with our AHOY <> Slack and AHOY <> Google Chat integrations.

By connecting to the places where everyone is chatting about what they are doing, their decisions, and sharing results – travel decisions, whereabouts, and spend can become a part of these conversations. Instead of a scattered mixmash of various emails, screenshots, and delayed expense reports.

4. Instant

A good decision today, is better than the perfect decision tomorrow. This is especially true for growing businesses and flight prices. If you want to grab opportunities as they arise, make it smoother for your top performers to book and travel.

If you are used to SaaS tools, you don’t need a system that takes months to set up, or that comes with lock-in periods of up to 5 years. What you need most of all, is a simple tool where travellers book, and everything is in one place.

Sign up to AHOY for a new, way to arrange business and your executives’ travel.