What to do on a long-haul flight with no electronics?! Frequent Flyer Top Tips!

electronic ban

By now, every frequent flyer will be well aware of the electronic ban sweeping major airlines heading to and from the middle east and the UK and US. This completely sucks…but what are you going to do with all your free laptop time now on long haul flights?!

Fear not – we’ve rounded up our best ideas to pass the time 😉

  1. Read the in-flight magazine
  2. Study the emergency landing cartoons
  3. Contemplate the meaning of life whilst looking out the window
  4. Make friends with the stranger next to you
  5. Read 100s of blogs on flying in the Ahoy off-line blog within the app (there is even one about how to file a damaged laptop claim…might come in handy)
  6. Make a paper plane, write a love message and throw it to passengers to feel the love
  7. Start a party by ordering lots of drinks for your (now) new best friends
  8. Get all the ingredients for a cocktail you don’t know and learn how to mix it
  9. Bring books and start a book club
  10. Meditate
  11. Start a game of Chinese whispers up the plane and see if you can get it right
  12. Consider all the things you’ll do when you are finally reunited with your laptop
  13. Contemplate in engaging in a pre-technology world…how does this even work anymore
  14. Stock up on lots of podcasts
  15. Spend all your money on interesting combinations of in-flight snacks and duty free

What do you think you’re going to do on flights with no electronics bigger than your phone?