3 ways to make booking travel for your work team less stressful

team travel booking on Ahoy

So, being an executive assistant and having to book travel for your CEO/team is lets face it, a bit of a nightmare at the best of times!

With the organisation and planning required to make sure everything goes smoothly…it isn’t the easiest of tasks – but we have some top tips to make it easier for you, whether booking for your CEO or an entire team.

Strong System

It is important to have a strong system in place, with all travel information organised, all protocol understood and to run it like clockwork. Planning is key when it comes to making booking travel for your team seamless, you need to first have clarity on where your team are likely to go and understanding the purpose of your teams travel. Having this higher level clarity, of what is important to them (shorter trips, cheaper trips, specific airlines) will help build a strong foundation for booking travel. Storing all of this information and everyone’s details means you can seamlessly book travel whenever they need it as you’ve got the basis of what everyone needs.

This can be difficult as the team grows, but as a small business, corporate travel management companies can be too expensive and too restrictive for the type of travel your team needs. In this case, using frequent travel solutions such as Ahoy could be the perfect choice for you Рgiving freedom to teams, having a simple invoice management system, and adding passport and frequent flyer miles details to every booking automatically.

Become an expert

If you’re going to be managing your teams travel, it is a good idea to get savvy pretty quickly with different rules, ticket terms and airport regulations. Understanding the convoluted world of airlines and pricing is a bit of a minefield, but the quicker you pick up airline codes, fare codes and the rights you have for changes, cancellations and refunds – you’ll ace your teams travel.

This type of knowledge comes from a mixture of research, following blogs and travel news, and also lots of experience – coming up against any issues with frequent travel then adding this to your knowledge base.

If your team is growing fast, and you don’t have enough time to keep up with all of the knowledge then implementing an easy travel management solution, like Ahoy, may be a good option. Giving 24/7 support no matter where your team is in the world, our agents will always be on hand to help with last minute changes, understanding ticket terms and solving any other problems you run into!

Go Mobile

To have the ultimate seamless travel for your team, rather than looking after them like children and constantly reminding them of all their information, make a short list of super cool apps that will aid their travel.

  • Most airlines have their own apps, if your team flies with particular airlines then it is a good idea to make sure they have that app on their phone. Great for mobile check-in, having their boarding pass and for being updated on any changes.
  • AwardWallet will help your team keep track of their frequent flyer miles and rewards gained from flying and hotel stays, perfect if your team are conscientious to make sure their getting the most out of their travel.
  • Ahoy is the travel app that acts like a personal travel assistant in your pocket. With the ability to search, book and manage all team travel within one app, it takes the pain away of managing a team of travellers. All invoices are in one place, all of your teams details only have to be added once and then they’re on every booking, and you can set team limits for spend and auto-confirm.

Booking corporate travel for a small team can be stressful, but if you create a solid foundation, become knowledgeable in the business travel area and then utilise all the technology out there to help you – you’ll win every time!