Miles Added To Every Booking – Fly With Ahoy

With an increasing amount of tickets being sold as saver and promo fares, there is no longer any guarantee that your 18 hr flight will earn you any miles. Besides somewhat onerous terms, like non changeable or nonrefundable, the dismay at discovering (after the flight) that your long haul gave you no miles, can be frustrating to frequent flyers.


Ahoy has a solution. You will see beforehand, in the search results, what your miles earnings for any given flight will be. Then if you do go for the cheapest, at least you know beforehand what you’re signing up for.

Besides miles earnings, you will also know at the time of purchase, what other terms your ticket has. Whether its changeable, and what a change will cost you. We are giving control and insight in the clearest way possible, and hope this gives you peace of mind, and predictability when buying any flight.

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miles added on every booking with Ahoy


Of course, we also add your miles automatically to every booking, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

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