Does missing your flight mean that you’ve lost everything?

missing your flight due to traffic

It’s called a no-show by the airlines. By our users its called, “I totally lost track of time”, or “London traffic is CRAZZZY”, or “The taxi driver in Shanghai drove us to the wrong airport”, and thousands of other reasons why they missed their flight. But the real question is, what now?

missing your flight due to traffic

Here’s some of the most common cases we see, to help you out:

  1. In over half of the cases we have dealt with, you still have the option to change or cancel your flight even AFTER departure.
  2. Most times, airlines will have a no-show fee (depending on your ticket class), for when you have failed to cancel your reservation in time
  3. These fees range usually from €100 to €300. This fee will be in addition to change or cancel fees, if any, that already apply to the ticket class.
  4. If cancelling your flight after departure, the no-show fee will be deducted from your refund
  5. If changing your flight after departure, the no-show fee will be added to your change fees, if any. There is generally a time limit to change the flight, many airlines have the limit as 1 year from date of your first flight, but some airlines are more restrictive.

missing your flight doesn't have to mean the worst

If you’ve missed your flight, it may pay off to check your airline ticket fare terms, before booking a new one.