Kill ’em with kindness: The key to getting a free upgrade with Monarch!

Monarch airline on Ahoy

Budget airline Monarch is following the lead of Pret A Manger and their random acts of kindness campaign.

Priding themselves on the fact they are considered a nicer airline and holiday company as described by passengers, CEO Nils Christy, explained that they wanted to reward those passengers who were equally nice to their call centre staff.

In an effort to build themselves back up from near bankruptcy last year, they have been attempting to position themselves as having values of courtesy and respect at their heart. Hence their new campaign is very in line with this brand image.

Customer service staff are allowed to award extra legroom or priority check-in to customers who are pleasant or they feel deserving on the phone; akin to Pret A Manger’s policy of giving 20,000 free drinks each week to customers.


On top of these small acts of kindness, Monarch is offering upgrades to passengers who want to buy tickets by the phone, with a maximum of 10 bookings per week, allowing approx 25 people per week to benefit from a free upgrade! Which isn’t too shabby considering all you have to do is give them a ring!

However, as good as this all sounds from Monarch – it could be quite a difficult to keep on top of this offer. With passengers already struggling to get through on the phonelines, which could create more frustration from an incentive that is supposed to promote positivity.

Regardless, it is nice to see an airline putting kindness at the heart of its’ initiative.