As You Stay: The Future Of Hotel Billing!

as you stay app on Ahoy

It isn’t abnormal as a frequent flyer to get stuck in the situation of a long layover when constantly globe trotting.

Avoiding it is neigh impossible; but the worst part about a long layover is generally it is too short to actually do anything productive and definitely hard to find a place to sit and relax/take a shower/work and recuperate before your next flight.

Well, As You Stay¬†app is sorting just that out for you! If you’re looking for somewhere to crash for just a couple of hours and collect yourself, work and be fresh for your next flight – then you can use this app to stay in hotels for the exact number of hours you need.

This avoids unnecessary fees of booking a hotel room for a whole day/night and not getting the most use out of it if it is only going to be a couple of hours between flights. It is also a great app to use if you and your colleagues need a place to have a meeting or a conference during those long layovers!

Working on the basis of hourly rate, you’ll get choice from the likes of Hilton, Marriot and Choice Hotels as well as some independent boutiques. You can book any amount of hours up to 24 that you want to stay in the hotel for; currently the app is most useful in larger cities such as New York, San Fran, Chicago and Boston. However as the consumer base grows we are sure the app will grow and service more cities and include more hotel groups.

As You Stay also offers you to earn free hours the more you use the app and apply them to future bookings. Which is also winning as a roadwarrior, saving and getting a place to stay short term sounds like the dream solution to those pesky layovers that are just that bit too long!