The new planes you’ll see in the skies in 2017

inside airbus neo A330

Looking up this year you’ll see a slew of new aircraft models hitting the skies! With Boeing, Airbus and new kid on the scene, Embraer, all releasing new passenger jets. Avgeeks and frequent flyers it’s time to get excited.


Focussing on its 737, Boeing is launching two new versions, the MAX 8 and the MAX 9. The former will hold 36 more passengers and the latter will hold 52 more passengers than the MAX 7. The MAX 8 will be rolled out relatively soon, with Boeing hoping to retire some of its older aircraft and have this in its place.


All eyes are on Airbus with the new engine option “neo”. Firstly updating their A320 line with the neo, they’re hoping to compete and eventually replace Boeing 757s. With big orders from numerous airlines for this new aircraft, it will be exciting to finally see it sky borne. Similarly, the neo A319 should fly in 2017, with 140 passenger in two classes or 160 at capacity and boasting a range of up to 3,750 nautical miles.


Newer kid on the block, Embraer, has got two models to present, with their E2 updates. They’ve been improved with fly-by wire control systems and new engines, we should see the re-modeled E195 take its first flight this year! It will be interesting to see how these new models compete with those released by the bigger players.


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