How to Decipher Your Boarding Pass

fare classes and airline codes explained by Ahoy Travel

Your boarding pass is a minefield of information, and learning how to decipher it could mean faster, worry-free and more informed travel. Each airline has its own set of rules when it comes to fare classes and abbreviations, however there are some commonalities that will help you understand what your fare code means and how […]

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Airline upgrades: what are the logistics?

upgrade on flights for frequent travelers from Ahoy

The upgrade game is one where the rules aren’t as simple as the Internet would have you think, with many sites and blogs stating what are no more than mere myths to get an upgrade. Dressing well, being early, not having special meal requests are not things that are going to impact your chances of […]

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Basic Economy – What Does It Really Mean?

basic economy on united flights from Ahoy travel

Whilst basic economy may not seem like an imminent problem, the impact is going to be felt very soon. When you see that tantalising low fare and compare it to a range of more expensive fares, it seems like a no-brainer to make the decision to go for it, especially when it is on the […]

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The best use of your frequent flyer points

In nomad world, earning points can mean equal measures of bliss and sanity, they are also tricky little things that take time and energy to manage. WhatsAhoy helps our clients keep track of their points, makes sure they’re properly registered, and helps you book flights and upgrades with them. […]

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10 tips for how to handle baggage delays

User request: May 22, 2015. My suitcase didn’t arrive with this plane, can you help track it. also, how much do I get from the airline? They’re saying like €250 limit.  As a couple of these situations have come along, thought it could be useful to put some of that research to use here.   Always take […]

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A step closer to hyper-travelling bliss

After receiving great feedback from frequent travellers on the big pain points of city-hopping, we’ve decided to focus on four main services.   Don’t let spontaneity suffer Ever been in a city, not really needing to be anywhere specific for the next couple days, and wonder whether it wouldn’t be better to delay the whole going home thing, […]

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Travel: Adventure or Admin?

Do you find that you are increasingly travelling in ways that mix business with the other parts of your life. By bringing lovers, family, or friends with you to a business destination, extending business trips to relax over the weekend, by making use of your holiday to meet contacts with whom you do business, or simply by having two […]

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