Frequent Flyers: Is your Priority Pass less than you’d hoped?


Feeling pretty excited about your Priority Pass? As a frequent flyer, the perks really matter in creating a good experience when constantly on the road. BUT…you might not actually be getting as much with your Priority Pass unfortunately.

What is it? So yeah it is, a lounge network that includes over 1,000 airport lounges all over the world so that you don’t have to only be loyal to one airline to get the perks of lounges!

Whats the deal? Normally, you would have to spend a pretty penny to join the programme, but it is becoming increasingly more common to get a complimentary priority pass membership when you sign up to a number of credit cards. Pretty great right?

Wait…where’s the issue, this all sounds awesome! It would appear there have been numerous reports from some pretty p*ssed frequent flyers, that quite often the lounges are turning away Priority Pass members as their lounges are too full.

Prioritising their elite flyers within their programmes means that if it is a smaller or mid-sized lounge, you might get to the airport only to be turned away. When looking at the Priority Pass terms and conditions, it cannot guarantee admission to lounges whom they’ve partnered with.

Kind of a blow right? Especially if you’ve paid up to $400 for your membership, to not actually be sure you’ve got a spot in the lounge. We imagine in the future this might devalue the Priority Pass membership, with continual denied access not leaving much appeal to the programme at all.