Quick Tip: Check your passport and visa requirements – it’s not always simple!

passport and visa

Checking the passport and visa requirements of the country your visiting is actually a lot more important than you might think.

Generally we just assume, especially as seasoned flyers, we pretty much know everything about our passports, when they will expire, when we need to sort out renewal etc. So we don’t really ever worry about being denied entry into a country due to documental issues.

Countries have different rules that could affect you which you might not even be aware of, such as:

  • Won’t let you enter if your passport if about to expire in less than three or six months
  • Won’t let you enter if you don’t have enough blank pages in your passport
  • Won’t let you enter if you have a stamp for entry into a particular country before
  • Won’t let your child enter if they do not have their own valid passport (even newborns)

It is up to you to be fully in charge of your documents and away of different rules of the countries you’re visiting. Give yourself enough time to take any necessary action and remember rules are ever changing so you need to keep on top of it.

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