Slack integration to use AHOY for team travel

When to use AHOY + Slack for team travel

When company travellers book on different websites or agencies, its hard to keep an overview of where people are and what is being spent on travel.

Simpler expense handling. If you give accounts or finance access to the AHOY + Slack channel, they see all invoices immediately, reducing the cost of admin and accounts teams.

Duty of care. Many expansion teams, or companies operating globally have travellers in unfamiliar regions. Companies can know immediately where travellers are if and when incidents occur.

How does AHOY work?

1. Set up an account with AHOY. Add travellers via invite, and edit spend limits if you need those. Add a company credit card.

2. Travellers can search and book their own flight on AHOY’s Android/iPhone apps. If you have assistants who book travel, they can use AHOY to book flights for others, like management or colleagues.

3. Every time a traveller books a flight it can be sent for approval. Individual rules can be set up for travellers in the system, where ie all flights for David under €300 simply get auto-approved.

4. All info in one place is time efficient, both for travellers and the company, you wont need to pass around the CEO’s credit card to travellers who are flying, or forward miles and preferences to an assistant who is booking flights.

AHOY Slack channels

Approvals channel – If your travellers need approval, it will be pushed into #Quick-Approvals channel in slack. From there it gets approved by any company designated Admin.

Invoices channel – Immediately after a booking is confirmed, it is pushed into a #Flight-invoice channel for real-time overview of travel costs. AHOY offers the ability to void any flight within the day its booked. So, if something is booked wrong, or you feel the cost of the ticket doesn’t fit the urgency of a trip, it can be voided and refunded. As soon as a flight is booked, ticket voided, changed, or refunded, an invoice or credit note is available in this channel. This makes it easy for finance to find invoices. They can also ask Admins questions about a specific trip and how to expense it.

Departures channel – To increase movement transparency in the company for Duty of Care, you can choose to have all flight departures posted into a #Departures channel. Managers will see when and where their staff are flying to, as they are boarding the plane.

How is this better than just letting company travellers book where they like?

AHOYs 24/7 live chat support. Majority of online booking sites are built for leisure travel. This means bad support in case of ticket changes, cancellations, tax reimbursements on cancelled or missed flights, and emergency situations where your travellers get stuck.

Admin fumes eliminated. Travel creates a lot of admin fumes. With AHOY, travellers and company get invoices in one place and overview of upcoming travel. With apps for travellers on the move, so they skip the hassle, and focus on why they are travelling in the first place. To do deals and grow your business.

Check out our integration with Slack and sign up here to use AHOY.