The Seduction Of The Cheap Fare – Is It Worth It?

cheap air fares on Ahoy travel

It is sitting there, calling your name, asking you to book it – the best deal ever on your flight route. You can’t wait to tell your frequent flyer cohorts the price you’ve snagged; everything seems good, right? Wrong.

cheap air fares on Ahoy travel

What is hidden under that cheap fare, is the potential that you will miss out on a bounty of miles…which then comes the question; do miles matter more as a frequent flyer? We’re pretty sure yes!

The frequent flier mile is dead?

Since 2015, airlines changed the basis of their rewards programmes from being miles flown to money spent on tickets. This means that now when scoring a good deal on an airfare ticket, it really won’t mean anything in terms of your miles earned – which is a hidden cost that needs to be weighed up when you’re frequently travelling.

The reason these changes were put in place was because simply the industry puts more value on a customer who is willing to spend more on the airline, whilst really, we know that this is a profits game and those who pay more are going to be more profitable.

Not quite…the game has just changed.

So, really this has changed the game, making it less accessible to occasional travellers. The real players know that to hack miles, it is all in the credit card now. Opening up multiple credit cards and using them for everything from food shopping to bills, will help seriously rack up your points!

As the rules have changed, as a frequent flyer, you have to be even more cautious of cheaper fares. Would you really want to do a 10+ hour long trip and receive no miles for it? When it comes to partner airlines specifically this might be the case, as they could have multiple different fare codes for certain class types that you might not be familiar with.

Make sure you get your miles.

To assure you will receive your miles it is key to always read the fine print. When booking with a partner airline, don’t just assume as their cheaper flights may give you absolutely nothing. A quick check on the airline’s website you collect points with will express what you will receive with partner airlines. There will be a fare table code, explaining what you will get with each airline for each fare type and therefore where to avoid if you want to collect miles on your flight!

If you book directly through your regular airline, you will guarantee miles, but the flight may be more expensive. So, at the end of the day this is a decision you need to be aware of; do you want to get a cheaper flight and risk no miles accumulated, or get miles at the cost of the higher fare?