Small biz you’re paying 24% more on business travel!

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Small businesses – you’re paying 24% more on business travel than your larger counterparts!

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According to data complied by Concur, a travel expense management software, the reasons for such a difference where it wouldn’t be expected could be due to “negotiating leverage, driven by scale and sophisticated spend management strategies, continues to give large market companies significant advantages in controlling their T&E spending.”

If you have a small business, you’ll know the importance of travel to the success of your company. With the need to broker deals, meet new clients, secure investment and foster long lasting relationships – it would seem travel is really central to your business having longevity; with many forgoing digital communication in favour of face-to-face communication.

So where exactly is more money being spent? 

It would seem that in general, small business travellers are handing in expense reports more frequently and purchasing 37% more airline tickets in a quarter.

Then it has been found that in terms of food and lodging, small businesses spend $500 more per quarter then big businesses.

How can small biz cut costs?

As a small business, it is clear that travelling is integral to how your business will grow and prosper. It is an important time, to allow for the right kind of growth you need flexibility in your travel strategy but obviously keeping costs low is you don’t go bust!

It is important to find the right solution that can help you manage your travel, but that isn’t rigid or very costly to implement. Ahoy is the travel management solution which bridges this need for flexibility, empowering employees to manage their own travel, but which also helps to keep track of costs and invoices. With no massive implementation fees, Ahoy makes it easy to search, book and manage all corporate travel at a very low price for the company. Ideal for when you are in a growth phase but need to streamline budgets! Sign up here to find out more.