FACT: Southwest will never charge you to change or cancel your ticket!

southwest no change fee policy

So yeah…airline change fees literally suck.

BUT – southwest prides itself on it’s “no change fee” policy…especially with its tongue-and-cheek campaign “change fees don’t fly with us”

Change fee’s have been increasing year on year, making life as a frequent flyer pretty rubbish, with the average cost to change a flight around $200.

So, it is pretty refreshing that Southwest has adopted this policy, which states they’ll NEVER charge a fee to change or cancel any ticket…as long as you make your change no later than ten minutes before departure. It even applies to awards flights.

Let’s all do a happy dance for Southwest! We love this user friendly policy!

Okay…so you’re not flying on Southwest – what are the best ways to get airline change fees waived?

change fee policies on airlines

-> If you’ve just bought the ticket, then realise it clashes with a meeting…there is an automatic 24 hour full refund policy.

-> If you’ve booked  a flight very far in advance, sometimes there can be schedule changes from the airline. This can work in your favour if you were wanting to change anyway, as you can use the schedule changes to indicate how it will impact your day. At the airline’s discretion they can offer a full refund or change at no extra cost.

-> Same-day change policies are your new best friend. You can make changes within 24 hours before the flight usually at a very reduced price (closer to $25), yet they are more rigid  on the routes and flight times you can choose to replace it with.

-> Buy a new flight. Sometimes just buying a new flight can be cheaper than changing your original one…so always look into the price of the flight you would actually want.

Happy change fee hunting…if you’re struggling to understand your ticket terms, then Ahoy can help with that! The booking app made for frequent flyers, sign up here!