5 Little-known airline rules every Executive Assistant should know

Wait with check-in. Flights cannot be changed or cancelled while the traveller is checked in. If you think there is a good chance that plans will change or the traveller will miss their flight, then select the seat, but wait with check-in. Until the last possible moment online check-in is still open (2-3 hrs before […]

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Slack integration to use AHOY for team travel

When to use AHOY + Slack for team travel When company travellers book on different websites or agencies, its hard to keep an overview of where people are and what is being spent on travel. Simpler expense handling. If you give accounts or finance access to the AHOY + Slack channel, they see all invoices […]

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Ahoy explains: Airline rules de-coded – Pt.1 Sequencing

airline ticketing rules

Ticket Rule: IF ANY OF THE COUPONS NOT USED IN THE SEQUENCE SHOWN ON THE TICKET REFUND OF UNUSED SEGMENTS AND YQ TAXES IS NOT PERMITTED. What in the world does this mean?!…? If you have A-B return flight, and you miss the A-B, you will 1. not be eligible to take the B-A flight 2. […]

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