Slack integration to use AHOY for team travel

When to use AHOY + Slack for team travel When company travellers book on different websites or agencies, its hard to keep an overview of where people are and what is being spent on travel. Simpler expense handling. If you give accounts or finance access to the AHOY + Slack channel, they see all invoices […]

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Flight booking problems? AHOY are solving them!

As frequent flyers, we all know that one of the massive pain points when it comes to travel is searching for and booking the right flight. Too much information creates confusion With a reel of information constantly hitting us in the 21st century, it can be really hard to cut through the noise and find […]

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Frequent flyers get REAL-TIME flight search results with Ahoy

real time flight search results with travel app ahoy

Ahoy launches REAL-TIME flight inventory search engine (beta) When you search for flights on aggregators and search engines, the result you are seeing are cached availability and pricing from flight inventory databases. ┬áDoing it like this substantially reduces the time it takes to fetch and show you flight results. Also, search requests against flight ticket […]

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