Battle of the baggage: Rimowa vs. G-RO

G-RO carry on luggage compared with Rimowa Carry on Luggage

Review time! In one corner is new kid on the block, the G-RO, and in the other corner is a carry-on classic, the Rimowa. Stats G-RO – hailed as the companion bag that has patented “all-terrain” wheels. The G-RO is cornering a new section of the market by being a hybrid bag, designed for on-the go […]

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10 tips for how to handle baggage delays

User request: May 22, 2015. My suitcase didn’t arrive with this plane, can you help track it. also, how much do I get from the airline? They’re saying like €250 limit.  As a couple of these situations have come along, thought it could be useful to put some of that research to use here.   Always take […]

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