Dummy Returns – When should you book them?

basic economy on united flights from Ahoy travel

Myth: Booking a dummy return and cancelling one leg will be cheaper than booking oneway. Fact: Generally airline fares are not priced the same per leg. Airlines will reprice the ticket to the historical price of the oneway, before refunding the difference (if there is any).   A little bit more information on this… A […]

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Fresh Faced Frequent Flying? How to feel good post flight.

As a frequent flyer, you probably know all of the tricks to make your travel as seamless as possible. However, when it comes to looking fresh faced at the end of a long flight before heading to your meeting…it can be difficult. Here are some of our suggestions to feeling fresh faced when hopping from […]

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10 tips for how to handle baggage delays

User request: May 22, 2015. My suitcase didn’t arrive with this plane, can you help track it. also, how much do I get from the airline? They’re saying like €250 limit.  As a couple of these situations have come along, thought it could be useful to put some of that research to use here.   Always take […]

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