The electronic ban game plan: how will airlines win this back?

ethiad wifi electronic ban

Last week an electronic ban was announced that effective immediately numerous flights to and from the middle east and the US and UK would enforce. With many airlines impacted and the ban taking effect immediately – many have already been at a loss without their electronics.

So naturally, airlines have had to be quick with coming up with a game plan for how to appease passengers and not feel a massively negative impact from the ban.

One of the airlines impacted, Ethiad, took to their social media to advertise that in response to the electronic ban they would be offering first and business class passengers, complimentary WiFi and iPads on request for the duration of the flight. Ensuring they aren’t out of touch if they need to work or surf the web.

Whilst other airlines, such as Emirates, are allowing passengers to use their electronic devices all the way through security and check-in, right up to boarding. Upon which they will put the electronics in a secure box to safely stow until landing.

As more unfolds with the electronics bans, it is certain that affected airlines will have to compensate in some way and will be creating game plans to decrease the negative effects to their passengers. However, it will be interesting to see how they cope with a lot of passengers accessing WiFi and demanding devices during long haul flights.

Have you been on a flight affected by the electronics ban recently? How was it for you? Comment below.