The travel apps REAL frequent travellers actually use!

spotted by locals travel app on Ahoy

So yeah, we all know we have a love hate relationships with lists – another list of things you definitely need to have can sometimes make you want to facepalm! BUT…this one will be your saving grace as it is a list of travel apps that real frequent flyers ACTUALLY use…in REAL life – so you know kudos to us on that 😉

  • TripMode – reduce your mobile data consumption when connected to a hotspot abroad! It works by cleverly allowing you to select which apps you want to use data when travelling and stop things such as: automatic updates, online backups, photo syncs etc.

Tripmode app on Ahoy


  • Spotted by locals – Hate having to scroll through TripAdvisor, just to end up at generic average restaurants and bars overrun with tourists? Then Spotted by locals is perfect for you, as a roadwarrior you want to find the best places that are filled with people who live there, to make your trip feel slightly more homely. The app gives guides curated entirely by cool locals, including spots to relax, see art, grab a drink and much more!

spotted by locals travel app on Ahoy


  • WiFi Finder – Avoid intense data roaming charges with this handy app that helps you find WiFi in your area, it will filter by location, free vs. paid, and even let you know the connection strength!

wifi-finder app on Ahoy


  • Ahoy – make frequent flying super simple with our app that lets you search, book and manage all your frequent travel. Keeing track of your miles, seat preferences and all invoices for your company. This is the simplest way to minimise your admin fumes when constantly jetting around the globe for work!

corporate travel booking system with Ahoy


  • Google Translate – simple but super effective, their free app lets you do two-way speech translations and photo translations. Perfect for when you’re in a rush to your next meeting and don’t have time to fumble around with broken communicaton in the taxi!

google translate app on Ahoy


What are your favourite apps to use as a frequent flyer – any which really save you time on the road?