When to transfer credit card points to travel partners?

frequent flyer credit card points

Question: When is the best time to move your points from any flexible points programme to your travel partners to redeem awards? Would doing it immediately transferring them be more advantageous than waiting?

Answer:  The best time to move your points is exactly when you’re ready to use them, due to their flexibility ceasing the minute you transfer them.

Perhaps the key thing to consider when wondering whether or not to transfer your points is that you want to be sure that you’ve confirmed the award space is available. This is key because the minute you have transferred your points you have lost all flexibility on being able to use them on a different redemption or within a different programme.

So, because you are unable to convert them back, you should be very sure that the offer you’re transferring them to, has space, and is exactly what you want at the time – so you’re ready to use them!

However, it is good to also note that you shouldn’t leave it to the complete last minute to transfer points and should think far ahead if you have seen a good offer coming up. This is due to points potentially taking a bit longer to transfer depending on which credit card company you are with. Therefore it is always a good tip to make sure you’ve transferred your points a few days in advance to they can clear and you will make sure you can take advantage of that potential award space.


So…don’t rush to transfer your points, it is more about the calculated move in this game – keep an eye out for what it is you really want and be prepared for it!

Happy points hunting!