Travel: Adventure or Admin?

life is eitherDo you find that you are increasingly travelling in ways that mix business with the other parts of your life. By bringing lovers, family, or friends with you to a business destination, extending business trips to relax over the weekend, by making use of your holiday to meet contacts with whom you do business, or simply by having two or more home bases?


These activities are a commonplace and central part of life for a growing group of people who can probably work just as well from a café in Cape Town, as from a co-working space in Berlin – and most times prefer to. While this lifestyle can provide a great sense of freedom and adventure on the one hand, a bigger part of life gets spent on planning, booking, changing, and administrating the logistics of ones life then ever before.


If you feel a headache coming on just thinking about being on hold for airlines’ customer service, suddenly recalled an expense you ended up paying yourself because it was too time-consuming to file correctly, or regularly wish your closet could just be stored at Heathrow, you are probably a hyper-traveller. And you are the reason we started Ahoy.


After three years of being hyper-travellers, we have a pretty good idea of where all that time and money is lost and when the headaches commence, but we’d like you to tell us where you feel the travel experience could be better. It will only take a minute. Just click on the button below, and we’ll do our darndest to make sure your travels are more adventure then admin from here on out.


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