The Future is Now: Travel Tech with JetBlue and Facial Recognition

Do you regularly get the passport panic? Constantly patting yourself down just to double, triple, QUADRUPLE check it is definitely there and you’re not going to have to be denied boarding and miss your next meeting!

Well JetBlue is stepping in with some sweet travel tech that is going to (hopefully) make the existential passport dread a thing of the past. It can feel super archaic that we still need to carry around all of these paper copies of things, when supremely we are living in a world of fast tech! As, of June 12th – JetBlue is testing out facial recognition software on real passengers if they want to give it a try.

This option will only be available at Boston Logon Airport on the Boston to Aruba route – allowing JetBlue to analyse the accuracy and speed of the travel tech. The opt in, will mean that passengers happy to participate will have their face scanned and checked against the system recorded picture from their passport or visa.

The aim of introducing this type of travel tech in the long run is to ease and reduce stress for travellers, which will be especially great for those among you who frequently fly! However, it is can also cause some passengers discomfort at the thought of having their picture constantly taken and stored whenever they fly. So, whilst most airports and airlines wish to roll out this travel tech – officials are very much still in the testing phase to see if this would work well for passengers.

Would you be happy to try facial recognition as a way to board swiftly and leave the passport panic days behind?